Car Wash in Arlington, TX

Whether you use your car multiple times a day or only on occasion, over time, dirt and grime are bound to accumulate on your vehicle both inside and out. To keep your car looking its best, come to Detailing Docs & Upholstery LLC, a car wash service conveniently located in Arlington, TX.

Don't Neglect Your Car

Most people don't have the time to wash and wax their cars regularly. Fortunately, Detailing Docs & Upholstery LLC can help. From exterior surface washes to interior cleanings, we have the equipment to do it all. Just drop your car off and watch as we work our magic.

Why Wait?

With flexible hours and reasonable rates, Detailing Docs & Upholstery LLC is the place to go when your car needs a good cleaning. To learn more about our car wash services and specials, call or stop by today.


Happy Customer

Detailing Docs, comes to you 7 days a week!